Not until we are lost do we understand ourselves.

                        - Henry David Thoreau


The Huldra's Origin Story

One day, long ago, the Lord came to a woman’s cottage. Ashamed she had washed only half of her twelve children, she hid the dirty ones. God declared those hidden would remain forever a secret from humanity. 
Thus, the Huldra folk came into being.


The Book

Teenager Alora learns she’s part Huldra, a mythological creature Mother has told bedtime stories about. When paranormal abilities and a sensitive tail begin to emerge, they pose a serious problem to her pursuit of her musician love interest, Dimitrius, and her privacy. Having Huldra blood has its advantages. Enhanced hearing does wonders for her violin practice, opening doors she didn't know existed. Though Huldras are gentle by nature, she learns that if provoked, they are a sinister danger. She fears hurting the one she loves.

In Italy, when illness strikes the family business of making traditional music strings, Alora learns they are victims of an ancient curse brought forth by a powerful Huldra ancestor who had an unlikely love affair with Antonio Stradivari. Alora will do the unthinkable to a priceless masterpiece in order to break the curse—risking life, freedom, and reputation—while mustering the courage to share her secret with Dimitrius, bringing romance to a long-held friendship.