The Book

Fifteen-year-old Alora Prescain learns she’s part Huldra, a mythological creature Mother has told bedtime stories about. When paranormal abilities and a sensitive tail begin to emerge, they pose a serious problem to her pursuit of her musician love interest, Dimitrius, and her privacy. Having Huldra blood has its advantages. Enhanced hearing does wonders for her violin practice, opening doors she didn't know existed. Though Huldras are gentle by nature, she learns that if provoked, they are a sinister danger. She fears hurting Dimitrius and ruining his budding career.  

In Italy, when illness strikes the family business of making traditional gut strings, Alora learns they are victims of an ancient curse brought forth by a powerful Huldra ancestor who had an unlikely love affair with Antonio Stradivari. Alora will do the unthinkable to a priceless masterpiece in order to break the curse—risking life, freedom, and reputation—while mustering the courage to share her secret with Dimitrius, bringing romance to a long-held friendship. 


New Years Check In.

2020 / 2021

Ok, so the best thing that happened to me this year was that I stayed hard on the course of whipping my novel into shape—Covid be damned.  Someone once told me it would take longer than imagined to write a book. He was right. I end the year with an invitation to submit to a certain Acquisitions Editor at a certain publishing house. This person spotted my pitch in a Twitter "Pit Mad" event. Who knew those things worked!?

The plan is to submit to her, and many many more, on Jan 1st. 2021.  

I am also very pleased with my ongoing participation in a writing class held by the incredible Jordan Rosenfeld. I'm also so grateful for my classmates and look forward to a shiny new year. 

Life is great. Married life agrees with me. 


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