A Novel I Do Not Understand

Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen.

And understand I LOVE his songs. I am a diehard Leonard Cohen fan. I love the old stuff. I love the later stuff. The album release after his death is sublime. I’ve listened to all the interviews. I’ve seriously contemplated this man's words. Yet, his novel confounds me. And I’m no reading wimp. I like the hard stuff. I eat books like Crime and Punishment for breakfast.

In a nutshell, the plot is, a man contemplates his best friend sleeping with his wife. The wife is crushed by an elevator. Oh, and the man has a sexual obsessed with a historical Native woman, Catherine Tekawitha. That's about it. I think I chalk it up to a romantic literary self indulgent delusions. If anyone can help me appreciate this novel. I would love to appreciate it.


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