New Year / New Website / New Blog

Ok, that year was a doozy. I write in past tense on 2021 because in my mind it is already far behind me. My eyes are square on the new year.

I have many things planned. I will COMPLETELY redesign the website. I will commit to a weekly blog concerning my writing process. I will try to be more open and sharing.

I plan to collect all my short stories and release them in some manner so I can move on and prepare space for my novel.

My novel will hopefully come sometime next year. Just when I think it is ready, I discover new insights and dive back into editing. But I LOVE the PROCESS!

I also want to pick a SYMBOL to represent me and my work in various ways.

I have one in mind. The RUNE symbol meaning "self" speaks to me and has been on my mind. It may serve this purpose. I don't know, we shall see.

Above all I want to be more involved in my writing community through a weekly blog. I look forward to good things for me and for you. 2022 cannot come fast enough.


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