The Great Avocado Experiment.

I'm going to save every avocado pip I come across. (huge fan) These pips, you see I already have 20 or so, will be nurtured up. I want to try to make some into living sculptures just in water, some bonsai, some just normal. In a year or two, maybe I will sell them and give them away as gifts. The possibilities are endless.

First, I started this all wrong. I just threw the pits in a bowl of water, my "incubator."

Some, I assaulted with a knife, trying to get the skins off. I'm reckless and impulsive. But now I've decided to try and take the utmost care and attention moving forward.

I like to study the way they look.

I smelt each one. Some smell like nothing and about four smell like over-ripe bananas so those Im going to dry out for a few days.

Admiring each unique pip warming in the sun. I can't help but believe that the sun's rays are beneficial

. Found a new use for my martini glasses. Look at the scars from my knife when I tried to remove the skin. And note the brown tap root. Does not look healthy but I will give up on no plant.

I ended the day with actually trying to id every pip in a journal. I want to refine these names and reveal them later. Watch my plants grow. This should be fun. =) The Great Avocado Experiment begins.

ps. I know some of my tooth picks are in wrong. I do everything wrong first as a general rule.


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