The Romantic Artist

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

The Romantics were a group of Artists who reacted and rebelled against the Industrial Revolution in Britain some 200 years ago. Among them, Lord Byron (pictured), William Wordsworth, Mary Shelly and William Blake and John Keats.

The Romantics place art and emotion on a pedestal, and sought to protect and preserve the freedom of the youthful imagination... for the child is the original rebel. He is everything that is pure, unschooled and wild... the seat of creativity and genius. For the first time in the modern western world, glamour is attached not the attainment of adult reason, control and material success, but at freedom and artistic self indulgence.

The Artist also becomes a secularized version of a Christ-like figure for he makes the ultimate sacrifice, to present his art the world.

The loser, deeply noble in the eyes of the few who understand.


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