What Is This Fascination with the Past?

It must be the gothic romantic who seems to be more interested in dead people than the living. Perhaps I fear the future a bit and the rate we move.

I heard Elon Musk, or someone don't quote me, say that someday, babies will not even be born on Earth but at a Space Colony somewhere. They will visit, the Mother Planet as some quaint thing of the past. That kind of blew my mind in a sad way. Because I totally see it happening by my Great grandchildren's life time.

I do pine for the past. But the nostalgia I feel is in the bone. It's the result of being human. I can not shake it, nor do I try. And that does not mean I do not get my thrills and kicks off the future. I believe that AI, when it comes, will judge us fairly. It will recognize our uniqueness and value and preserve us. Maybe it will judge us on all our past internet actions. Every time we look up a spelling, a fact. Made a mistake filling out a form. Every time we recover a password—growing ever "stupider" in its ledger. A digital Akashic Record. Sigh.

Yeah, I'd rather hang with the Rat Pack, sipping martinis.


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